Executive Board

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the civilian nature of the organization, such as conducting our monthly General Assembly Meetings and planning  non-operational activities.

 Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

 Joel Kovoor – President

 “Joining SB C-CERT has hands down been my best experience at SBU. Climbing up the ladder as soon as I got in the organization, I quickly grew to  appreciate the opportunities offered to its volunteers. Not only did I get to serve the community and campus through a diverse array of skills imparted on  us, I got to do it with a close set of friends sharing a common experience.”

 Judy Tam – Vice-President

 “I joined CERT in my freshman year and have watched our organization evolve so much through the last few years. I cherish being a CERT member  because it has given me the opportunity to work with such an enthusiastic and hard working group of individuals. There’s nothing more rewarding than  seeing great ideas come together.”

 Timonthy Hong – Treasurer

 “I became interested in emergency response after Hurricane Sandy. Though we were unharmed, I realized how unprepared my family and I were. CERT  has given me the skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities to protect my family as well as my university.”

 Khaing (Kai) Phoo – Secretary

 “Since I joined CERT in my freshman year, CERT has always made me feel welcomed and gave me a strong close knit of community sense. I would  love  to make every members in this organization feel the same. I love working with each and every member that I come across because they are all hard  working individuals who take pride to be a CERT member.”

 Grace Zhen – SB Communications Coordinator

 “Since 2008, CERT has grown to become a large organization. Within CERT, I wanted to be in charge of facilitating communication amongst CERT members and between different  organizations. Overtime, I have developed as a professional individual. SBCC gave me the  perfect opportunity to polish some of my unrefined skills such as public speaking and team work.”

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