Captains are the leaders of the C-CERT general membership. They are responsible for the supervision of membership performance in the field, or the  role of Incident Commander at the discretion of the Chiefs. The Captain reports directly to a Chief Officer or appropriate command-level member.

 Fall 2016-Spring 2017


 Marqui Gretschel (Junior)

 “I first joined C-CERT in order to learn more about emergency response and to give back to my campus community. Being a commuter, I wasn’t too  involved on campus and after hearing about CERT, I thought it seemed like a great way to become more involved. After going through probationary  training, I quickly became a general member and realized how much I enjoyed being a part of CERT. I also realized that I wanted to help teach future  members which is why I decided to become a captain. After graduating, I hope to become a neonatal nurse practitioner and apply/expand on the many  skills I’ve learned in CERT in my career in nursing.”

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