Awards and Accolades

 SB C-CERT members have accumulated numerous awards, accolades. They have brought recognition to SB C- CERT due to their devotion to the community. Congratulations!

latest news about our members’ achievements!

 2016 President’s Volunteer Service Award for service in 2014-2015

 Gold medal-                                   Silver medal-                                  Bronze medal-

1.Bianca Blake                            1. Joel Kovoor                                  1. Judy Tam

2.Brian Yang                               2. Michael Mcwhirter                    2. Kaelan Chan

3.Daniel Su                                                                                            3. Monica Chin

4. Francesco Fazio                                                                                4. Stephanie Au

5. Matthew Dzamko

6. Ryan Chan

7. Timothy Hong


 2015 President’s Volunteer Service Award for service in 2013-2014

 Gold medal-                                   Silver medal-                                   Bronze medal-

  1. Nghi Doan                        1.Ryan Chan                          1. Melissa Abraham            9. Kate Reyes
  2. Matthew Dazmko                   2. Ashley Moreta                   2. Erol Akkoc                10. Priyal Sakhuja
  3. Frank Fazio                      3. Amy Young                        3. Bianca Blake           11. Shannon Sunny
  4. Evan Magaliff                                                                  4 Yueting Chen                  12. Leslie Wong
  5. Paul Mandley                                                                   5. Mark Emos                      13. Andrew Xu
  6. Dhiren Patel                                                                     6. Jessica Huang                 14. Brian Yang
  7. Verna Solomon                                                                7. Jason Li
  8. Christina Tran                                                                  8. Jair Ramirez

Recognized for outstanding service to the campus community.

Presented by Student Life Awards

  • Organization of the MonthFebruary 2013

                    Presented by NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary)

  • President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA): Gold Category  2013

Presented by AmeriCorps and PVSA

  • Recognition from University President Stanley for efforts during Superstorm Sandy in October 2012.
  • Distinguished Service Award2012

                    Presented by Student Life Awards

  • President’s Volunteer Service Award: Gold Category2011
  • Outstanding Community Service Project2010

                    Presented by the Community Service & Service Learning Committee

  • Outstanding Service Award2010

                    Presented by the Residential Safety Program


along with a host of accolades awarded each year within the organization.

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